Archangel Imaging is a tech start-up transforming the way we protect lives and assets in off-grid, remote locations, using advanced AI-assisted machines to provide early warnings and actions.  

We are passionate about empowering small teams with smart resources, so they can be at the right place at the right time, tackling complex challenges such as poaching and organised crime. We are one of the few start-ups that develop advanced software, hardware and AI altogether, and deploy those systems into the field.    

We have developed unique edge AI solutions, winning the AIConics AI for Good award (2019), the BT Infinity Lab Augmented Intelligence award (2018), and finalist at the Dubai’s Robotics for Good (2017), and our teammates have worked on World Record projects.  

Role Description: 

We develop novel, power-optimised, computer vision algorithms that combine machine learning with specialist cameras. We are looking for a proactive candidate with a strong understanding of computer vision and machine learning concepts, with an enthusiasm for applying their work to real life situations.

Joining us at this stage will also enable you to influence the product direction and hiring your perfect team mates as we grow. 

Role Responsibilities: 

Responsibilities will depend on your skills and desired career direction. Key responsibilities are: 

  • End-to-end responsibility for solving a problem and delivering end user value 
  • Negotiating requirements 
  • Designing a strategic approach to solving problems 
  • Developing solutions 
  • Communicating results clearly 

Essential skills / Experience: 

  • Masters degree in a computer science related subject (PhD preferred) 
  • Excellent skills in deep learning (CNN training, testing, evaluation and deployment) 
  • Proficient with multiple machine vision and machine learning frameworks (OpenCV, TensorFlow, TensorRT, Darknet, PyTorch etc.) with a strong portfolio of development examples  
  • Researching, designing and implementing machine learning and computer vision solutions 
  • Excellent Python and/or C++ skills 
  • Solid understanding of regular computer vision techniques (OpenCV, SVM, KNN etc.) 
  • Strong data science skills  
  • Excellent communication skills (written, and spoken) 
  • Strong software design and development experience, including OO design 
  • Awareness of hardware limitations 

Desirable Skills / Experience: 

If you bring any of these to the table, you will be able to stand out from the crowd... 

  • Strong understanding of imaging sensors, image processing and camera interfaces  
  • Commercial experience delivering machine learning and computer vision solutions 
  • Automation and devops, especially leveraging the cloud for training models 
  • Containerised solutions such as Docker and Balena 
  • Customer / user engagement experience 

Further Details: 

  • Location: Our core team is based the Harwell Space Campus for hardware work. Software work can be done completely remotely.
  • Interested applicants may wish to join first as a fixed-term consultant although we prefer to find a good permanent match. 
  • Security Clearance: Due to the sensitive nature of some of our work, it would be beneficial for candidates to be willing and able to obtain and maintain the necessary security clearance for this role 


  • Potential bonus and significant equity for demonstrated impact  
  • Flexibility: Options for flexible working hours, working from home and custom arrangements that matter to you  
  • A variety of training and learning programs, from online to residential and in-house learning  
  • A variety of perks: Gym discounts, cinema half price, free phone insurance, shopping and supermarket discounts plus many more!  
  • The buzzing Harwell Space Campus with regular events on site (networking, workshops)   
  • A Virtual Reality headset for team socials and more