Our technical internships are focused on solving problems and contributing to commercial projects/products as part of our tech team in one of our sister companies. We will test concepts, build and improve prototypes, develop and deliver features and solutions related to distributed, on-device AI systems, end-to-end optical communications for space satellites, and specialist aircraft. Our teams are driven about building disruptive, infrastructure-level technology that can service billions of lives and save billions of money. 🐱‍🏍

Duration, schedule and logistics:

  • Summer internships are over 8-12 weeks with the first few weeks including training to help you get up to speed.
  • 'Winternships', last typically only 4-5 weeks, so they are usually only open for returning/experienced interns (who previously interned with us or elsewhere). You will be working on more advanced topics or building up on your own previous work.
  • Technical internships will be in our Harwell office (full time, in the office)

How do we support you:

  • Each intern has a mentor/supervisor, working towards team objectives that are specific and transparent.
  • Tech team interactions are daily, plus weekly/biweekly retrospectives and planning sessions to keep all areas synced up.
  • Quick feedback to steer your development is every few weeks
  • Well-being: we have all sorts of perks from unlimited snacks, online learning, team sports & yoga to shopping/gym discounts, confidential helpline.

If you like working in a fast-paced environment with motivated, fun people, having more responsibilities and more stretching goals, then you will have a great time here! For useful summary slides about working with us, check out these links for Archangel Imaging (if you like AI) and Archangel Lightworks (if you like space lasers). You will be joining one of our companies but will still have access to the others. Each company focuses on a disruptive technology area, but we do share resources to be extra efficient